melanie fischer

_communication design b.a. and m.a. (student)

_2013/16 braunschweig university of arts
_2016 university of applied sciences konstanz

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works: portfolio

_rauschen (book, urban study)
_ein kleines handbuch/typografie in braunschweig (book, guide)
_lebensgeschichten - von weißen fliegen und vielen ivans (book, social study, thesis)
_into the night (magazine)


typography, fotography, editorial 
5 editions, 16 x 21,5 cm
winter 2014/15

Urban Noise_Confrontation is the presence of a problem which cannot be avoided but

needs to be solved. Therefore you face the situation and you try to find

a solution to it. This is the common way to handle a confrontation and

there are always special situations in life that demand your social skills.

The confrontation surely will find you, no matter what and you surely did

not choose to be involved. Just as I didn‘t choose to get involved in all

the conflicts created by the neighbourhood I currently live in which is an

eight party apartment. Because conflicts always seem to find a way to

get to me, crossing every possible border, such as walls and floors or even

time, to delight me with their presence. There I am facing every problem

you can‘t or rather won‘t imagine.

This books‘ purpose is a documentary of constant urban noise. I often

wished for less involvement. But that didn‘t work out so well which is

why I keep confronting myself with this situations.

_ein kleines handbuch/
typografie in braunschweig

typography, fotography, editorial 
3 editions, 19 x 23 cm
summer 2015

Two guides. One guide provides typographic themes and insight the other discloses the typographical diversity of the city Braunschweig, Germany. Type classification, fonts and rhythm are just some specifics of the typographical guide which explains the proper use of the above stated in a visual manner. The city guide leads the reader to different spots in braunschweig, displaying interesting, loud, aesthetically, new or old fashioned type on buildings and in the streets.

von weißen fliegen und vielen ivans

typography, fotography, editorial
interviews, maps and audiofiles
18,5 x 25 cm, hardcover
10 editions
summer 2016

The constant search for identity, memory and perspectives of truth reveals the history of a generation. Is it possible to recapture a lifetime? Interviews are telling stories and unveiling fragmentary parts of the past and present. It constructs a family portrait of German-Russian emigrants from the former Sowjet Union who stand for a whole generation. It is about journey of the married couple Caecilia and Oskar which goes from Russia to Germany and can be followed on a map. Pictures of them indicate their environment and notes on the back are giving more insight in their life. As well, this book is a study of life circumstances in the second world war and it shows the life of the excluded Germans in Russian society of that time. It is of utmost importance to preserve the knowledge and the experiences of that generation for our future. Their fears and hopes help us to understand each other as well as ourselves from a different point of view. The reflection of their life can be applied on ours at all times which is why this book is ment to encourage the reader to think and comment right onto its pages for future readers to see.

von weißen fliegen und vielen ivans

typography, fotography, editorial
interviews and maps
18,5 x 25 cm, softcover
20 editions
summer 2016

This is a softcover edition of my thesis for distribution. The text of these editions are monochrome and the pictures have been printed directly on the paper. It also contains a collectible card with a family portrait and the title in Russian белые мухи belaja mukha, white flies.

into the night

21 x 14,8 cm
Winter 2016

Typographical and photographical documentation of two poems by Emmy Hennings (1885-1948).
I combined the two poems »Gesang zur Dämmerung« und »Morfin« with abstract pictures and fresh type. This magazine has been generated in a workshop helt by Lars Harmsen at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz in Oktober 2016.
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